About Us

MLINE is proud to introduce a collection of iconic and high-performance cases. Created especially to combat the elements and protect your valuables, MLINE  cases feature premium materials. Designed to withstand pressure and heat, our laptop cases and hunting cases are made with air force-grade aluminum and ABS, a material known for its strength and heat resistance, while our luggage sets feature highly durable polycarbonate plastic. Sleek, sophisticated and definitely sexy, MLINE  is designed for the discerning professional.


MLINE has designed an extensive collection of laptop cases for modern technology. Our collections feature a range of materials, sizing, colors and interior designs. Our innovative concept and designs provide protective capability due to a combination of a hard outer shell and a padded foam interior. Featuring Aircraft-grade one-piece molded aluminum shells. Carry your goods with confidence and allure with MLINE Laptop Cases and Briefcases. Click here to view our entire aluminum laptop case collection.

Hard-sided cases offer the most protection for your firearm. As the name implies, they have a hard exterior that protects your gun from outside forces. These cases feature foam padding to protect your gun from impacts as well as keep them secured and in place. Different cases have different foam densities. MLINE Rifle Cases are constructed from high-grade ABS plastics and dense lined Aluminum - all featuring (x2) three-digit Combination Locks as well as (x2) Key-Latch Locks.  Click here to view our entire rifle case collection.

MLINE luggage prides itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for the experienced traveler. Our groundbreaking collection of luxury 8-wheel Spinner Wheels is incredibly lightweight and durable, this elegant collection takes innovation to a whole new level. This new series of luggage draws on MLINES’ unique designs and creativity to create luggage that look classically elegant, yet are made to withstand the abuse of modern travel. Whether traditional aluminum carry-ons or light luggage made of the high-tech material polycarbonate and extremely durable ABS, MLINE sources some of the world’s best materials for our luggage sets and carry-ons. An innovative approach and exceptional demands when it comes to quality are just a couple of the aspects that make MLINE one of North America's up-and-coming leading luggage manufacturers. Click here to view our entire luggage and luggage set collection.